Christmas and New Year

Well, I have just celebrated a nice family Christmas and New Year with the traditional roast dinner, spent all morning in the kitchen and family games and Baileys over New Year's Eve. Managed to fit in a Mass and a Crib Service and a Christmas Work's party and a Christmas lunch - so not done too bad this year just gone. 2008 - time to make all those new resolutions - learn Italian, study Opera, travel, go deeper into my faith and/or ministry. Not sure where to go with that one. Just celebrated 25 years of Marriage with a service and blessing at the local church. No 'big' celebration yet - was thinking of some tickets to a show in London and maybe a Hotel but hubby is poorly with a chest infection at the moment so didn't think I would inflict him and his wheezing on the general public just yet. Maybe I will just mark the occasion with some jewellry! Postponed a trip to my sister's but rescheduled for the end of the month. Happy New Year to everyone!


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