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I am enjoying reading all the Catholic Blogs on here and it is very encouraging in the faith but my Blog looks a bit bare compared to the variety of information that can be found on other people's blogs - still I am hoping it will develop. To be honest I haven't worked out how to attach all those sites and media clips yet but I will have a go when I have time. I see a lot of you favour the Latin Mass (or Extraordinary form), particularly in America, so it is interesting to see different view points. Worship is a very personal thing isn't it? Even within the local parishes worship varies. I prefer a traditional style Mass but with the English. I enjoy the solmenity of a traditonal Mass and surprisingly, though I come from an evangelical background, the old hymns which set the mood for the seriousness of the Mass. My older sister, who still remembers the Latin Mass, prefers the responses to be in Latin, but I was too young really to remember much of it. We both went to a Catholic school, though our parents were not religious in any shape or form. But for me it shaped some of my journey on 'Coming Home' to the faith.


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