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I found this on another blog link - and I hope to get the book to read.
Immaculee Ilibagiza
"Immaculee is a beautiful woman of faith and love. That beauty is equally expressed through the physical features God has blessed her with. I think though that she can decide to appear mediocre in her appearance. But no. She chooses to convey God's beauty, not by adorning herself with jewels, but by the way she carries herself. She definitely exudes grace and more so, the love of God and the joy of being his daughter.
She was the guest speaker at Red Mass at our cathedral here in Honolulu, Our Lady of Peace, yesterday, January 17, which commenced at 9 a.m. when all officials could have easily just have stayed at their offices to do their tasks, and perhaps, aimed to finish the day early. It was a well attended Mass!
Try to get hold of the book by Immaculee Ilibagiza entitled Left to tell. It tells all about the Rwando genocide in 1994 and her terrifying experiences which soon became her strength. Co-authored with Steve Erwin, it is becoming a best seller, if not already. More on Immaculee I.

Lord, may I never take the gift of freedom for granted. You gave me the great blessing of freedom of spirit. Fill my spirit with Your peace andYour joy.


Rwanda is such a tragedy..
JoannaB said…
I heard today on radio 4 that there was a memorial day for the jewish holocaust and they included other human tragedies including Rwanda in the service. I think in a way it is good to keep these things at the fore front, so that we do not forget and keep doing what we can to campaign for justice as well when we see similar tragedies on the horizon like the troubles in Kenya and the daily holocaust of those who can't speak for themselves - like the unborn.
JoannaB said…
Quote from the news:

All faiths commemorate Holocaust

Dr Rowan Williams and Sir Jonathan Sacks signed a pledge against genocide
The Archbishop of Canterbury joined the Chief Rabbi to mark Holocaust Memorial Day with a ceremony in Liverpool.
More than 1,600 people, including Holocaust survivors, attended the service at the Philharmonic Hall.

The service marked the 1945 liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp but victims of other atrocities were also remembered.

Leaders of several faiths listened to personal testimony and called for an end to genocide throughout the world.

Dr Rowan Williams and Sir Jonathan Sacks signed a Pledge Against Genocide in the form of a large mural.

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