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Saint Joanna

Learning more about the Saints:

Saint Joanna

Sunday of the Myrrh-Bearers, 3rd Sunday of PaschaKontakion (Tone 4)When thou didst speak to the myrrh-bearing women with joy, thou didst end the wailing of Eve the first mother, by thy Resurrection, commanding thy Disciples to proclaim that the Savior is risen from the tomb.
St. Joanna is listed in Luke 8:3 as one of the women who followed Christ from Galilee and supported the Disciples, along with Susanna, Mary Magdalene and others. In Luke 23:55 - 24:11, we have the story of how these same women went to the tomb to finish the job of embalming Jesus' body, which was hastily begun by Joseph and Nicodemus. They were perplexed when they found the tomb empty except for the grave clothes. The angel appeared unto them and proclaimed the Resurrection. They believed and became the first evangelists of the Risen Christ!
This Icon is by the hand of Nicholas Papas. This icon is at St. George Antiochian Orthodox Cathedral, Oakland, PA.

My Saint of the Year 2008

Sts. Abdon and Sennen were Persians who, coming to Rome in the Third Century, courageously confessed the faith of Christ and were put to death in the persecution of Decius in 250.
The emperor Decius, enemy of Christians, had defeated the king of Persia and become master of several countries over which he reigned. He had already condemned to torture and death Saint Polychrome, with five members of his clergy. Saint Abdon and Saint Sennen, illustrious Persian dignitaries of the third century whom the king of Persia had highly honored, were secretly Christian; it was they who had taken up the body of the martyred bishop, which had been cast contemptuously before a temple of Saturn, to bury it at night, with honor. The two royal officials, now fallen under the domination of Rome, were grieved to witness the emperor’s cruelty towards the faithful, and believed it their duty to make known their love for Jesus Christ; thus, without fear of their new sovereign, they undertook by all possible m…

Weekend Musings

Well, it has been a busy week as I have been re-arranging the house for my middle daughter to come home, albeit a temporary arrangement. But a pleasant one. Work also is going through a busy period so it was nice to have Friday off and I attempted to get to a local Mass but my local church apparently wasn't having one this week, maybe because the normal parish priest is on holiday, and it was too late to get to the main town one but fortunately I do have EWTN, so I made do with that. I do miss being able to have the eucharist more often though, partly because I have moved and also at the moment I work every morning, when daily Mass is on. I can't understand the Archbishop of Canterbury and his comments on Sharia Law. It seems he should be concentrating more on defending the faith. It does seem part of the Church Of England's way to pander to the congregations though, as a parish priest on tv recently was told to get "more in touch with his congregation". Perhaps…

My Hippie Chick Name Is: Iris - I quite like that!
My Pilgrim Name Is Love Hopkins (LOL)
That looks more like me! That would make a great name together - Iris Love Hopkins; I can feel a change of name deed poll coming on.