Weekend Musings

Well, it has been a busy week as I have been re-arranging the house for my middle daughter to come home, albeit a temporary arrangement. But a pleasant one. Work also is going through a busy period so it was nice to have Friday off and I attempted to get to a local Mass but my local church apparently wasn't having one this week, maybe because the normal parish priest is on holiday, and it was too late to get to the main town one but fortunately I do have EWTN, so I made do with that. I do miss being able to have the eucharist more often though, partly because I have moved and also at the moment I work every morning, when daily Mass is on. I can't understand the Archbishop of Canterbury and his comments on Sharia Law. It seems he should be concentrating more on defending the faith. It does seem part of the Church Of England's way to pander to the congregations though, as a parish priest on tv recently was told to get "more in touch with his congregation". Perhaps it will mean more C of E will 'come home'. When I read some of the madness going on in the world today in the news, it does make me glad to be Catholic and to be part of the 'truth'. I was supposed to be visiting my long suffering sister this weekend (I have changed the times twice now) but that has been put off till March - not long to go - and as it will be for part of the Easter period it will give us an opportunity to attend some Easter services together on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. I believe this is the earliest Easter we have had since about 1856. We were certainly blessed with some good weather these last two days and I have enjoyed getting out and tidying up my new garden and making plans for planting out, accompanied by a trip to the garden centre to check out the new plants. My favourite garden centre is Dobbies, which is up near my sister in Leighton Buzzard but they don't have one down this neck of the country yet, Kent that is.


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