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St. Senara Church: This historic church features a famous 15th-century bench end that depicts the mythical Mermaid of Zennor. The Norman church of St Senara in Zennor probably stands on the site of a 6th century Celtic church. It is believed to be named after Princess Azenor of Breton, the mother of St Budock. It was restored in 1890, by which time all but one of the original carved oak seats had disappeared and been replaced by family boxes. Two medieval bench-ends remain and have been made into a seat. One end is the famous carving of the Mermaid of Zennor. She holds a comb and a mirror in her hands. Legend claims that this siren enticed Matthew Trewhella, the handsome son of a churchwarden, into the sea. He was never seen again. Trewhella is a very old Zennor family name. On the south side of the church tower is a bronze dial, bearing the figure of a mermaid, and an inscription dated 1737. I can't remember where I got this info from but I am told it is from this web site - For further info on this see
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Chris Leather said…
Dear Joanna,

It would appear that the content on this page is taken directly from
As both the author and owner of this website I would like to point out that this is tantamount to theft and also illegal. At the very least you could have linked back to the site.

As it is I am requesting you remove the content forthwith.

If I do not hear from you within the next week I will take the matter up with who have very strict policies on plagarism and copyright theft.

Chris Leather
JoannaB said…
Hi Chris - sorry it was not intentional to cause you offence; am happy to put a link in for you. I am just getting used to this bloggin lark. I thought the information was very interesting. Kind regards Joanna
JoannaB said…
PS I had seen simialr information on otehr sites, so I thought it was general knowledge. I will put a link and let me know if you would still like me to remove it. It is just for family and friends.
Chris Leather said…
Many thanks for getting back to me Joanna.
The way you have credited it is absolutely fine.

All the best Chris

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