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Saint Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274), Dominican theologian, Doctor of the Church Commentary on Saint John's Gospel, 14,2

«I am the Way, the Truth and the Life»Christ is both Way and End: the Way according to his humanity, the End according to his divinity. Therefore, insofar as he is man he says: «I myself am the Way» and insofar as he is God he adds: «the Truth and the Life». These last two words well express the end of this way, for the end of this way is the ending of human desire... Christ is the way by which we reach knowledge of the truth while he himself is the truth: «Teach me, O Lord, your way that I may walk in your truth» (Ps 86,11). And Christ is the way by which we come to life, while he himself is life: «You will show me the path to life» (Ps 16,11)...So if you are wondering which way to go, take Christ, since he is himself the way: «This is the way; walk in it» (Is 30,21). And Saint Augustine comments: «Walk by following the man and you will come to God». For it is better to limp along the way than stride forward apart from it. Even if someone who is limping on the way does not make much progress, he draws closer to the end; but the more vigorously a person runs who is travelling apart from the way, the further he goes from the end. If you are wondering where to go, be united to Christ, for he is in person the Truth we are trying to reach: «This is the truth my mouth recounts» (Pr 8,7). If you are wondering where to rest, be united to Christ, since he is the Life in person: «He who finds me, finds life» (Pr 8,35).


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