Time for Healing

Time for Healing: This site: http://abortionchangesyou.com/healingpathways
is a starting point for personal healing and reflection regarding the personal impact of abortion. It is a place where you can write your story anonymously.

Another site for healing is "Rachel's Vineyard" - http://www.rachelsvineyard.org/
Rachel's Vineyard is a safe place to renew, rebuild and redeem hearts broken by abortion. Rachel's Vineyard can help you find your inner voice. Rachel's Vineyard is therapy for the soul. Participants, who have been trapped in anger toward themselves or others, experience forgiveness. Peace is found. Lives are restored. A sense of hope and meaning for the future is finally re-discovered. Quotes from Rachel's Vineyard:

The lies have affected me the most: the Big Lie that it all is and all the tangled webs of lies that make it up, compromise it and cover it up. The truth is that I have been affected; one of the lies is that you just move on unaffected. My heart turned cold. I just strived to survive in an empty existence - not a true life. I pretended I wasn't hurt but I was terribly so. -- Anne

The abortion ruined my self-esteem. I do not stand up for my beliefs and rely heavily upon what others think I should do and or be, and especially if they are well-educated, I feel they are more knowledgeable and are able to make better decisions then myself. -- Linda

My abortion has left me with a feeling of emptiness. I feel as though I am not as good as everyone else because of what I did. I went against everything I believed in because I lacked courage. I am angry at him, at my friends, and especially at myself. This Christmas, my baby would have been born. I can't stop thinking about it. I just keep picturing my baby. -- Marguerite
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