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Young woman’s tragic suicide illustrates mental health risks associated with abortion
Feb 22, 2008
A coroner in Truro, Cornwall recorded a verdict of suicide yesterday after considering the tragic case of a 30 year old woman who hanged herself because she could not cope with the fact that she had aborted her twin babies.'We have always been concerned about the effects of abortion, not only on the unborn lives that are so brutally destroyed, but also because of the mental health risks to women,' said Julia Millington of the ProLife Alliance. 'This heartbreaking story illustrates the tragic reality that abortion may have been taken out of the backstreets but it remains an unsafe procedure.'A study conducted in Finland examining suicide after pregnancy found that the incidence of suicide after abortion was almost six times higher than after birth. (1)'The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill currently before the House of Commons provides an opportunity for MPs to change the abortion law. We urge Parliamentarians on both sides of the abortion debate to support an amendment to introduce comprehensive informed consent legislation giving women the right to know all the risks associated with abortion, as well as information on sources of help, advice and alternatives to abortion.'It is now 90 years since women in the UK won the right to vote, but we have done nothing to improve the status of women with an unplanned pregnancy. Many women facing difficulties of financial hardship, unsupportive partners and social stigma still feel that aborting their unborn child is the only option. If choice were a reality every woman would be enabled to choose to give life to her unborn child.'(1) Suicides after pregnancy in Finland, 1987-94: register linkage study, M. Gissler, E. Hemminki, J. Lonnqvist, BMJ 1996; 313:1431-1434 (7 December)


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