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Marino Restrepo - Testimony Part 4

See more of this testimony on You Tube

Pro-life Anti-Abortion Video: Development of the Unborn Baby

Marino Restrepo - New Dawn Conference 2007 Part 3

Marino Restrepo - New Dawn Conference 2007 Part 2

Hope to go to New Dawn next year.

Catholic Conversion Story - Mark Rutherford

A longer conversion story for the men!

Catholic Conversion Story - Cathryn Torgerson

A slightly longer story if you have time!

Catholic Conversion Story - Anna Dickey

Good Video

Where am I?

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Kev's 50th party


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Don't Stop Me Now

Mary Poppins

Padre Pio - Celebrates the Eucharist

Eucharistic Adoration

Talking with Sea Lions

Just testing

Eucharistic Adoration - Part 1

Eucharistic Adoration

Wait for Me-Rebecca St. James

I Have to Believe

Praise To You O Christ Our Savior - USC Catholic Center

New CD

Great Music!

Faith Summer Session

Our Parish Priest has been away at Faith Week at Woldingham School in Surrey which has massive grounds. Two friends were there for the week as well - Sandra and Shirley. My husband managed to get up for a visit on the Wednesday with another church friend - Andrew. The talk in the morning was on the Church as the Bride of Christ and in the afternoon on Chastity. The Summer Faith sessions attract a lot of youth to learn more about the Catholic faith from the excellent lectures. There were also a number of seminarians present. Father Nesbitt is - eighth from the left of the photo in the front or seventh from the right but that is counting the gentleman on the far right who migth actually be in the back row! Either way he is just to the left of the priest in full 'frock'.

What I bought

Great family film: version of Louisa May Alcott's novel with Winona Ryder as Jo. A look at life in New England during the Civil War. Following the family as they split into the world, ending up with the most independent, the outspoken Jo (Winona Ryder).

Life at Home

Some more photos.

Lathe Barn

We went down to Lathe Barn the other Sunday. The donkey is no longer there but as I have been going there since the children were little and the youngest is soon to be 18, I guess he was a very old donkey! Lucas loved the tractors - it must be built in to a little boy.

Wingham Wildlife Park

We had a day out last week at the local Wildlife Park; I used to go there when my own children were small but there weren't quite as many 'loose' birds around which used to be quite frightening - especially if they were after your food. There didn't seem to be a safe sanctuary away from them at the time. The peacocks seemed quite friendly and Lucas was not frightened of the geese at all and let some baby goats feed out of his hands. A good day was had by all! Vicky was there but she was taking all the photos!

What We Bought

CD=Mama Mia and DVD = Sense and Sensibility (I already have Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley). I did have this on video but no longer have it - so great to have it on CD now which always gives a much better picture quality anyway.

More photos