Satan Worshippers

Satan worshippers kill and eat four Russian teenagers after stabbing each of them 666 times
By Will StewartLast updated at 2:48 AM on 16th September 2008 Daily Mail

Famous last words: Andrei's father said last night: 'My son said he had Goths and Satanists among his friends.
'I wasn't scared. I thought, "Well, let him spend his time sitting around in a cemetery, there's not much harm in that is there?"

One of those arrested is alleged to have told police: 'Satan will help me to avoid responsibility, I made lots of sacrifices to him.' Another, Alexander Voronovic, claimed the gang had previously dug up a grave and eaten the heart of the girl buried there.

One of the gang, when asked what made him do it, is claimed to have said: 'I tried to turn to God, but it didn't bring me any money.
'I prayed to Satan, and things improved.' You can't play with the devil - he will destroy you - like the Witches in MacBeth - he will tempt you with trifles, feed you half truths and then annihilate you - body, soul and spirit.


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