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Catholic Vote. Com (Grassroots)

National Geographic - In The Womb 4/10

National Geographic - In The Womb 3/10

National Geographic - In The Womb 2/10

Pro-Life Issues

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ABORTION will kill 120,000 Babies today
Did you know? Abortion kills more than 46,000,000 babies every year.

National Geographic - In the Womb

See more of these videos on You Tube - great documentaries

Dave Allen Funeral Sketch

More comedy

Dave Allen on Religion

Let's have some comedy

In Memory

"Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee" - Jeremiah 1.5"

Can I Live

I love this video


Some nice guitar.

Flipsyde - Happy Birthday

Says it all


Here in the UK we have been caught up in the debate on who we would vote for if we were in the US - MCain or Obama - Obama because he has social values and is for peace or McCain because we are pro-life. It's been quite hard with arguments on both sides, the youth favouring Obama I think especially for peace. But for me the quote by Mother Theresa (top left) made it clear - "how can we tell other people (Obama) not to kill one another - if we can accept that a mother can kill her own child."

slideshow of babies on abortion song by flipsyde

You have a choice with whom to sleep with, and the choice to discuss what actions both parties would take should a pregnancy occur. You have a choice to carry to term and adopt. You have a choice not to have sex, or to take steps to prevent pregnacy and STCs (Sexually transmitted viruses)
A woman has a choice. The baby has no choice except what choice you make for it.


How can I be anything but against abortion and for protection of the innocent.

Bloggers respond

I would like to know why there is such a strong feeling/emotions from the pro-choicers against the pro-lifers? Any thoughts?
Picture is of me as a baby with my nan.

You Tube

There are all sorts of nefarious videos out on You Tube but I do find it useful for catching up on any nostalgic trips down memory lane or picking up some old EWTN favourites. However, I have see there is a clip out on You Tube for a comedian who is using 'abortion' for his comic routine. Now I don't mind satire and I know there are whole web sites out there dedicated to satirising Christians - we must make good fodder for them! But surely even some subjects should be off limits to a comedian. I cannot see anything funny in this subject and there must be a wealth of good material out there for a comedian with any talent. Nobody would find the subject of paedophilia or child pornography funny when innocent children are being exploited - there must be some limits otherwise we might all as well have been born with four feet instead of two!

Audrey Hepburn -

Nostalgia time.


Some recommended links if you want to know more about the Catholic Faith:

I recommend the Catholic web site: which is Welcome to the Catholic Church in England and Wales.
And - Life4seekers is for those people who want to improve their life and find a new sense of fulfilment, a fresh energy and joy of living. If you are searching for happiness, a sense of purpose and new direction in life, life4seekers is the right site to explore. Quotes, comments, viewpoints, pauses for thought... and much more!
Also the newspaper site: which opens up some discussions. - you might like this blog spot. and this one.
And this blog spot: is the Catholic Truth Society and they do booklets and things as well.
So if you get some spare time check out these websites. I can post you some m…


I see that they are selling elderly masks for halloween in Woolworths - that is good as I will be able to go out as myself! "Ask Sister Mary Martha" on her Blog thinks nuns can be pretty scary especially to small children - so perhaps I could go out dressed as an elderly nun for halloween. 'Nun' offence intended!

Joanna is going to Butlins next week with the family.


Snippets - Fish

Had a bit of a clean around the kitchen last week. Sparked off by the Edam smelling out the fridge and having to take everything out and clean the whole fridge because my house smelled like a cheese factory when you opened the front door. This coupled with the smell of the dog who really need to go to the beauty parlour and the left over cat meat was not very pleasant. Decided also I had better wash out the water filter jug as it had turned a lovely shade of green as my kitchen gets lots of sun and resembled the fish tank on the other side of the kitchen – which also needs cleaning. And discovered that the bottom of the jug was also a lovely black colour (on the outside I hasten to add!). I think it’s safer to drink bottled water at my house or probably drink out of the fish tank!

Snippets of Life - Mistaken Identity

Had a rather bizarre conversation with a woman in our local church the other Sunday morning who I thought knew me but was talking half the time in a foreign language, perplexed but not put off (as I have a Spanish friend who does this!) I carried on responding in English. Then she introduced me to another man, Robert, saying this is Michelle and she speaks French! And them proceeded to tell me that his ‘famille en France’ in French again! Too perplexed by this time to put her right I nodded and smiled and scurried off to find a seat and make a mental note to go to my normal Parish Church next time where people KNOW me! I was hoping that the real Michelle didn’t turn up or I could be accused of impersonating a French woman. Worse, next week if Robert met me he may well try and converse with me in French. I’ll have to keep my head down in town - either that or brush up on my school book French. Pardonne moi – je m’appelle Joanna! It was a bizarre day – I’ve also been tagged as a…

Into Great Silence clip

Andy Williams - Can't get used to losing you

Andy Williams - The Village Of St. Bernadette

some nostalgia

66 British babies survived abortion

Connie Talbot

Elvis Presley - Amazing Grace

Family Day at the park

I like this video - it reminds me how great it is to be a grandparent!

The Simplicity of the Catholic Faith


Joanna is baptised a Catholic 7 years tomorrow! How time flies! I can't believe it has been that long and yet there is so much still to pray, read, learn and do! Clearly the person who accepts the Church as an infallible guide will believe whatever the Church teaches. — Saint Thomas Aquinas


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Where the Hell is Matt? (2008)

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Catholic Vote 2008

For my US friends

St. Jude Novena Prayer

Thank you St Jude for answered prayers.