Children and the pill

I read in the paper today that they are proposing that "girls as young as 13 will be pressed to have contraceptive jabs under Government plans to "urgently" bring down teenage pregnancy rates". Not content with the vaccine for cervical cancer - they now want to give our children contraceptive jobs and no talk of the side effects. Is there no end to the government's continued sexualisation of our children? The government also wants more school clinics to administer the jabs, which can make girls infertile for up to three months. Teenagers can receive the injections or implants without their parents' knowledge. More and more teenagers will be persuaded to act on issues which they may not be mature enough to make an informed decision about without their parent's knowledge or advice and maybe only their peers for support. Opposers of this new scheme say that it will actually promote promiscuity and that injections and implants will not protect against the ever increasing spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Also that the drugs may be unsuitable for girls who are still growing.


Angela M. said…
This is outrageous! What a total cop-out! The authorities have thrown up their collective hands in despair because "the kids are going to do it anyway." What next? Child molesters. murderers, drunk drivers - "oh they are going to do it anyway..." ARGH!

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