The First Week Of Advent

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I love the purple vestments and the lighting of the first candle to signify the start of this special season. A time for reflection on our relationship with God and Jesus and where we are at this time in our spiritual lives. It's harder than I thought to set time aside for reflection on the scriptures and so many things push for our attention. There are lots of helpful booklets with reflections for us to meditate on at this time. Maybe it is a time for setting aside some of those things that crowd for our attention - the television, the computer, that unread book and spend some time in reflection. Our Church has been making the annual Advent wreath as a start to the Advent season. And there are a series of reflections and prayers for the season to help people take time out from their busy lives and focus on Jesus. It seems to have a different, softer focus than at Easter time for our reflections. I enjoy reading what other people are reflecting on at this time. The Christmas decorations are out of the attic but this year they are taking second place and now the children are older they are able to take some of the responsibility to put them up while I can focus on other things. This weekend it includes a visit to my other sister and an evening Christmas party to look forward to - but not the long motorway drive! But as a passenger maybe I will get some time to read some of those reflections that I have not caught up with yet!


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