Keep the Mass in Christmas

I picked up on this phrase from a fellow blogger:
I think it is so much more apt than the one 'Keep Christ in Christmas' that is on some posters - and fridge magnets no doubt - at the Christian book shops. Perhaps as a Catholic convert from the evangelicals it says more about what catholicism means to me - the heart of my faith. Another blogger also has some good thoughts on 'what she loves about being a Catholic' - catch up on some of these here: which include all the sacraments and echo some of my own thoughts on the richness of the Catholic faith. At this time of year, that richness is self evident with the wealth of readings and reflections and traditions available for reflection on the Advent season and the coming of Christ. Even the O antiphons can be used for reflection on the nature of Christ. The O Antiphons are used at daily prayer in the evenings in the last week of Advent.
Each antiphon is a name of Christ, one of his attributes mentioned in Scripture.
They are:
December 17: O Sapientia (Wisdom)
December 18: O Adonai (Lord)
December 19: O Radix Jesse (Descendant of Jesse)
December 20: O Clavis David (Key of David)
December 21: O Oriens (The Morning Star)
December 22: O Rex Gentium (King of Nations)
December 23: O Emmanuel (God is with us)
The O Antiphons are sung or recited at vespers from December 17 to December 23.
One of my favourite hymns, taken from this last O antiphon, from secondary school days was "O Come, O Come Emmanuel and ransom captive Israel" especially with all the lighted candles at an Advent service, even before I became a Christian.


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