Second Week of Advent

Well we are into the second week of advent - even less time this week for reflections so far. Have been to my sisters for the weekend and had a lovely Christmas party with family and friends and dancing the night away followed by a morning walk around the garden centre to inspect Christmas trees and decorations. I bought some baubles and a few nic-nacs but left them behind - so now my poor sister has to post them. Unfortunately she can't post the bottle of wine I also left behind which we won at the Christmas raffle - oh well there is always next year.

I have some decorations up including the Holy Family in the fireplace and the advent wreath and candles but the other half are littering the house waiting for a sudden spurt of energy which hopefully I will have at the weekend when we go to get the Christmas tree. This year we are opting for a Nordman Fir so I hope it keeps its needles longer than one we had one year when the whole tree had to be stripped and replaced with a new tree as it was completely bare by Christmas and all that was to be heard each time you went into the room was the sound of needles dropping - ha ha - the cats didn't help much either - happy to shred the branches every chance they got. I have managed to get some new curtains up - they are cream and green not red and cream like I wanted but they were half price and I can't resist a bargain!

I have sent most of my Christmas cards except those languishing for lack of an up to date address but I still have to brave the long post office queues (even longer now they have shut half the post offices!) and post my final few parcels to relatives. Then I can concentrate on those closer to home.

Feeling quite virtuous having ordered my organic fruit and veg box for Christmas, half of the family are vegetarians, and ordered a free range turkey for the meat eaters so that we can eat a 'happy' turkey for Christmas - I am sure there is something ironic about that but at least we know it would have lived a good life and we are probably eating something more healthy than one from a factory shed. Less guilt all round. There will be a combination of meat and vegetarian options and I will be glad of my double oven. Though my new cooker doesn't seem to have half the pressure of the old one - so it may take all of Christmas Eve just cooking the happy turkey. Must put new replacement cooker on next year's Santa list.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Advent preparations; they are probably a bit more spiritual than mine this week!


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