Third Sunday in Advent

I can't believe it's nearly Christmas. I seem so unprepared. My grandson knew we were going to light the pink candle today. And now we are one week nearer. Christmas is a busy time in the Church and as I am helping out in the parish office there is plenty to do! I still haven't got a tree yet. I didn't put up the usual artificial one (which we started using after one year we had a disaster with the tree ending up bare and surrounded by needles) in favour of a more traditional christmas and the smell of pine through the house. We have a Christmas party invite for tomorrow night so that should get the Christmas mood going again. We also took my grandson to a Christingle service this afternoon which was a lovely time for him and a nice time for reflection for the children. There was a beautifully lit Christmas tree in the church and it was also the church I got married in nearly 26 years ago.


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