'You'll never see your grandchildren again': Social worker's warning to couple after they spoke out over gay adoption row (www.dailymail.co.uk)

So runs the headline in the Daily Mail this week. I cannot fathom the workings of the social workers minds who would place the needs of a gay couple before the emotional needs of two children, already battle scarred with life and cheating them out of the love and care of their extended family and with no regard to placing them in a loving home. If anyone knows of a petition out there to return the children to their rightful guardians - the grandparents - then let me know -I will sign it! Bureaucracy, the nanny state and polictical correctness gone mad! On the one hand the government puts in place laws against ageism - but this doesn't apply if you want to adopt and give a loving home to a child. And the government are encouraging people on incapacity benefits back to work but again apparently not if you want to look after your grandchild. In fact the local council are the worst for this - as anyone who goes for an interview with them will testify there is always a long medical questionnaire to fill out to see if you are 'fit enough for the job' - something unheard of in America where you REALLY are not allowed to discriminate against someone because of ill health. And as anyone knows ill health can strike any age - young and old alike. In our local paper a family has tragically lost a son at 21 and there are many people who suffer from illnesses such as MS or Cancer at an early age or become disabled and still have to struggle on and if you have children you do this with the help of your family and if there are two parents and one person dies - you carry on. Family is about pulling together through the bad and the good times, not in some utopian ideal on a piece of paper that has no meaning in the real world. I am a grandparent myself and my health isn't 100% and neither is my husband's but we are more than capable of playing a major role in our grandson's life and who better for him to be with than people he loves and trusts and who love him and his extended network of aunts ever willing to babysit and play with him and eventually cousins when more grandchildren come along. Grandparents are able to extend wisdom and patience and time, a valuable commodity these days and a love bond that no stranger can provide, however well meaning. In many other communities it takes a whole extended family to look after the children especially in asian and african societies and it would be unheard of for a stranger to adopt a child while there was still a living relative able and willing to look after them. One more policy that is eroding the family and which will be the very undoing of the society that they have made for them selves.


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