Family Values 2

Carol Sarler wrote in the Daily Mail on Thursday February 19th 2009, that she would have covered for her son, lied in order to save him from 'justice presumably' if he had committed a murder. I fail to see what this message sends out to parents with a generation of children that already hang around estates (and other places) looking for trouble. I think if someone fails to report their child for committing a crime and encourage them to take repsonsibility for it, then they are just supporting the bad behaviour and the sort of crimes we see every day - knife crime in particular and senseless aggression which often leads to murder. Carol says that "God forbid I would raise a monster" but that is exactly what she would be doing if she supported her child in committing a crime especially one of mindless aggression and violence and even murder. Let's hope that the sort of parents who support mindless violence don't find themselves on the other end of it in the society which they are creating and lose their son to a senseless act of violence or a knife crime or caught in gun violence between gangs. A mother doesn't just protect her children but she should be teaching them respect and right actions and also be in unity helping other mother's do the same to teach them that with greatness comes great responsibility.


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