Family Values

If you are interested in making a difference to some of the policies that affect family values then go to:

where you can sign petitions that other people have started or if you don't see one on a subject that you are interested in you can start your own. Go to - communicate - epetitions.

One example for instance is loan parents being forced to sign on for job seekers allowance when their children are 12 and they start the process when the children are 9, 10 and 11 to 'break' in the parents. Personally I think a 12 year old still needs looking after and teenagers need you more sometimes than toddlers. Do the government really want to see more youngsters on the streets and able to get into trouble. Don't we have enough youngsters involved in drugs, knife crime and according to the latest newspapers - getting preganant at 11. The government is slowly eroding family values. Please think about looking at some of the petitions and supporting parents and any other life issues you may have.


Fantastic! Thanks for this!

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