I am not sure why the poor golli has gone from household plaything to much maligned representative of all the evils in this country.
Of course I am typically White British but I went to a multi-racial school and have friends from all around the globe and all different religions and I don't believe in name calling of any kind - it's just a form of plaground bullying in the grown-up world - they obviously never left the playground. I was subject to the usual name calling in the playground - four eyes and vulture being two of them (ban birds and glasses??) and brain-box was a bit better - that could actually be a compliment! Name calling and insults are what should be ruled out, not the objects themselves. It's about treating each other with respect and dignity. To me growing up in the 1950s it was one of my favourite toys next to doll - or nanny's doll - so called because my nan bought her (she was second hand even then). And I was quite distraught when his red waistcoat got lost on my first day at school, I had taken him for company, because he got wet and it had been put on the radiator to dry and left behind when my nan picked me up from school (my mother was at home because my new little sister had not long been born). Even now when I see a golli it takes me back to my childhood and I have great affection for them one for the children and now my grandchild. And I was one of those Robertson's kids who collected the tokens on the jars. I can understand if they have negative connotations for some people but I don't think that's a reason to not buy them. Some people have negative connotations attached to Mr Blobby or Winnie the Pooh or Miss Piggy. In my case I don't like clowns very much and would be none the worse off if they were banned and like the kid in problem Child 2 would never decorate a room with them. I wouldn't have a ventriloquist's doll in the house either - they creep me out - probably some psychological throw back to that black and white film they had with a ventriloquist's doll that had a life of its own. My own children actually find my 'nanny's doll' a bit creepy! Perhaps the answer is in having some white gollies as well like this one - to even out the balance! He looks rather cute.


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