Keeping up Appearances

It seems now that I am over a certain age, that getting ready to go out anywhere takes twice as long and I look only 10% better. In fact sometimes I think I looked better before I started! The white hairs are growing faster than I can dye them or pluck them out! And it takes just as long getting ready for bed again! I think perhaps I should just give in gracefully as time is going to take over eventually anyway. And I don't think I am one of those people who would opt for plastic surgery and end up looking like a cat or the stretched skin, Cassandra complete with life support system, in Dr Who (photo from Dr Who exhibition in Brighton).

I don't mind the uplifting, rejuvenating and restoring creams but I am not so keen on things like injections which would test my level of pain threshold which unless I had downed two bottles of vodka would be very low. I doubt I would be a martyr unless they killed me quick - anything that involved some form of torture especially to my finger nails would mean I would become a closet Catholic! For the same reason I wouldn't opt to be a spy in time of war but admire the heroines who did. I think that is why I admire the Saints and why their stories of steadfastness in their faith helps strenthen my own daily walk, especially stories of people who were in the holocaust camps and the priests who continued to take Mass even under those circumstances and those who have held fast to their faith under persecution which still goes on today in many countries.

Read this funny piece on appearances on
Entitled: "Vanity Fair" - we must have been on the same wavelength.


Emma said…
If you change your mind, the dentist can do botox on your lunch break ;-) haha

Don't you wonder how quick natural aging actually is once you stop using the anti-aging products?

You might have an adverse reaction and age really fast and you'd wake up in the morning looking 10 years older!
JoannaB said…
Botox in my lunch break - now there's a thought and I heard it's good for migraines too!

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