Pondering on Churches

As a Catholic convert, I often contemplate on the merits of the Catholic Church over the Charismatic/Evangelical Protestant Churches (we do have a Catholic Charismatic faction for those so inclined!). Here is a piece from http://gkupsidedown.blogspot.com on a leader who came over to the Catholic Church in 2007:
Here's the news:Randolph W. Sly, former Archbishop of the Charismatic Episcopal Church and one of the early founders of the CEC in 1992, was received into full communion with the Roman Catholic Church, along with his wife, Sandra, on November 12, 2006 at St. Benedict Catholic Church in Richmond, Virginia.Sly indicated this decision came from an extended time of discernment for the two of them. “We were at a point last summer personally and ecclesiastically in the CEC where I felt a change was coming. Sandy and I had found ourselves moving deeper into catholic Christianity during our tenure in the CEC. More recently, the draw toward full communion in the Roman Catholic Church had grown greater and became a very strong call in the six months prior to our conversion. We are delighted to continue our service to Jesus Christ and His Church as Catholics.”Fr. James Kauffmann, Pastor of St. Benedict Catholic Church issued the following statement: “It was my great joy to receive Randy and Sandy Sly into the full communion of the Roman Catholic Church at the Divine Liturgy at Saint Benedict Catholic Parish on November 12, 2006. What a glorious day it was! It was also a wonderful gift to, along with Deacon Keith Fournier, work with the Sly's during their period of catechesis leading up to their reception. Their love for the Lord and the ancient yet ever fresh Catholic Faith is an inspiration. Their prior years of service to the Lord have only prepared them for what lies ahead as they respond to God's continuing invitation to serve Him in the New Evangelization called for by the late Servant of God John Paul II. We welcome them home and eagerly anticipate all that lies ahead for them in the fullness of Catholic faith.”Even prior to his involvement in the CEC Sly had been known for several years as a major voice of the “Convergence Movement” where the evangelical, charismatic, and liturgical/sacramental streams of the church were coming together as “one mighty river of God.” He has been in active pastoral ministry for over 30 years, first with the Wesleyan (Methodist) Church and then with the Charismatic Episcopal Church, where he last served as Archbishop of the Eastern Province and Supervising Archbishop of the Office of Communications.
I think there is always something fresh and new to discover in the Catholic faith.


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