Protecting Life

"The hermeneutic of continuity" - pointed me to an article on The Story of Stanislawa Leszczynska, Midwife at Auschwitz, by Matthew M. Anger - you can read it here - Reading this amazing story of the life of Stanislawa and her working life in Auschwitz in appalling and inhumane conditions and of the good that she was able to bring in the situation, should make sharpen our consciences to realise why we have no choice but to be pro-life and active in protecting the rights of the young, the vulnerable and the elderly or sick people and no amount of dressing up, like we see on some television programmes lately,should make us support laws like those that people want to put in place for having voluntary euthansia legalised in this country should be given any credence - if only for every one of the sick and suffering souls that were in that camp and for the many who lost their lives there, babies and adults alike. We should honour their memories and make their lives stand for something that we will not allow evil like that into the laws of this land and stand for some wierd idealist socialism that does nothing to protect the vulnerable and sullies the memories of those who should not have died in vain in the death camps.


What an incredible article - thank you!

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