Welcome Back Jackie

We are sorry to hear about your mother-in-law and she will be in our prayers at this difficult time but welcome back! We missed you!


Gail said…
Hi Joanna,
I enjoy your blog and your sharing of your faith and family.
I tried to enter Jackie Parkes' new blog via a link on another blog, but received the message that it (the blog) had been removed. Any ideas about what's happening?
JoannaB said…
Thanks Gail - I didn't realise Jackie's new blog had gone - maybe things have got worse at home so she felt that she had to take some time out. I will keep her in my prayers. Kind regards Joanna
Seeker said…
She seems to have gone again!

What happened to her mother-in-law?
JoannaB said…
Hello - i am not aware of the finer details but will keep her and her family in prayer and pray for God's grace at this time. Kind regards Joanna

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