Welcome, Brothers and Sisters in Christ......

Are you a non-catholic minister interested in Catholicism? We understand the seriousness of such considerations and the elements of sacrifice that they imply. We've been there. The Coming Home Network International was founded to stand beside you and your family on your journeys of faith.
Primary Network Fellowship of current clergy journeyers and past converts
Spouses Network (coming soon)
"Quo Vadis?"Support for youth of those on the journey.
- Are you a non-catholic lay person interested in Catholicism? Our Helper's Network is a fellowship of lay men and women who seek to share and encourage one another on the journey of faith.
Helper's Network Fellowship of current lay inquirers and converts.
- Are you a life-long Catholic, or already a convert, and interested in helping our separated brethren come home to the Catholic Church? We need you as a partner in our work. Become a Member http://www.chnetwork.org/ The Coming Home Network International


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