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Words of Margaret Sanger

Margaret Sanger the Founder of Planned Parenthood, US
In Her Own Words:
"The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it." Margaret Sanger, Women and the New Race (Eugenics Publ. Co., 1920, 1923)
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Read more here of what Margaret Sanger said here:

Partial-Birth Abortion - Obama Debate Comments / Partial Birth Abortion Ban Video

Everyone Against Abortion Please Raise Your Hand

Drug Overdose - Brain Damage Lauren Marie crys when mom says she'll keep her alive

Kate's Story

Euthanasia Video Documentary / On The Life of Terri Schiavo



GiantsNephilimAlthough their origin has been interpreted various ways, the Nephilim existed very early in human history. Independent Egyptian records of about 2000 BC also record their existence."The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. These were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown." (Genesis 6:4 RSV)In the late 1950’s, during road construction in the Euphrates Valley of south-east Turkey, many tombs containing the remains of giants were uncovered. At the sites the leg bones were measured to be 120 cms (47.24 inches). Joe Taylor, Director of Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum, was commissioned to sculpt the human femur. This Antediluvian giant stood some 14-16 ft tall (see below).Genesis 6:4 claims: "There were giants in the earth in those days;"Deu…

Rev. Garth Hewitt @ Free Gaza Demo, London 10 Jan 2009

Garth Hewitt - From The Broken Heart Of Gaza (Father Musallam's Letter)

Jennifer ONeill Speaks about her abortion

San Francisco Silent No More Gathering

JELEM JELEM -Gypsy/Roma Holocaust

The Roma, a nomadic people believed to have come originally from northwest India, consisted of several tribes or nations. Most of the Roma who had settled in Germany belonged to the Sinti nation. The Sinti and Roma had been persecuted for centuries. The Nazi regime continued the persecution, viewing the Roma both as asocial and as racially inferior to Germans.
Although the Nuremberg Laws did not specifically mention them, Roma were included in the implementation of the statutes. Like Jews, they were deprived of their civil rights. In June 1936, a Central Office to "Combat the Gypsy Nuisance" opened in Munich. By 1938, Sinti and Roma were being deported to concentration camps.
The fate of the Romani peoples paralleled that of the Jews after the beginning of World War II: systematic deportation and murder. First, western European Roma were resettled in ghettos. Then they were sent to concentration and extermination camps. Many Roma in the east--Russia, Poland, and the Balkans-…

Indian Gypsy Dance(Duo)


Let us pray,
O God, for your love for us, warm and brooding,which has brought us to birth and opened our eyesto the wonder and beauty of creation.
For your love for us, compassionate and patient,which has carried us through our pain,wept beside us in our sin,and waited with us in our confusion.
For you love for us, strong and challenging,which has called us to risk for you,asked for the best in us,and shown us how to serve.
(Iona community, Scotland: adapted)

A Pro-Life Prayer

A Pro-Life Prayer For Our President/Prime Minister And Public Officials

Lord God, Author of Life and Source of Eternal Life,

Move the hearts of all our public officials and especially our President and Prime Minister, to fulfill their responsibilities worthily and well to all those entrusted to their care.

Help them in their special leadership roles, to extend the mantle of protection to the most vulnerable, especially the defenseless unborn, whose lives are threatened with extermination by an indifferent society.

Guide all public officials by your wisdom and grace to cease supporting any law that fails to protect the fundamental good that is human life itself, which is a gift from God and parents.

You are the Protector and Defender of the lives of the innocent unborn. Change the hearts of those who compromise the call to protect and defend life. Bring our nation to the values that have made us a great nation, a society that upholds the values of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…

Angel caught on camera ignites passion for Jesus!!!

' Worst economic collapse ever'

Robbie Williams - My Way

For Uncle Son, Albert Pullen, RIP

Gospel for Sunday, March 15, 2009

Do You Have A Cause?

If you have a cause or a strong viewpoint that you would like other people to support then go on line and start an e-petition. You can also search for other people who have similar causes and sign to support their petitions.

Praise God

Praise God for:
The ChurchEucharistic AdorationMy girlsMy grandsonMy courseMy sistersThe weatherBooks to readWriting lettersButterflies

More on Margaret Sanger

Margaret Sanger thought that 'eugenics' should be self-determining and not 'thrust on people'. According to Wikepedia, : "Though many leaders in the eugenics movement were calling for active euthanasia of the "unfit," Sanger spoke out against such methods. She believed that women with the power and knowledge of birth control were in the best position to produce "fit" children. She rejected any type of eugenics that would take control out of the hands of those actually giving birth. Edwin Black writes:
In [William] Robinson's book, Eugenics, Marriage and Birth Control (Practical Eugenics), he advocated gassing the children of the unfit. In plain words, Robinson insisted: 'The best thing would be to gently chloroform these children or give them a dose of potassium cyanide.' Margaret Sanger was well aware that her fellow birth control advocates were promoting lethal chambers, but she herself…


Teddy Bear

Happy St Patricks Day March 17th

The Beatles - Here comes the sun

You are my God


Psalms: The Lord (Jesus Christ) Is My Shepherd

Welcome Back Jackie!


Terrified Corn Cobs

Scared Eggs

Screaming Eggs


Happiness is a field full of flowers.

What Personality Am I?

Results : Planner/Facts/Hearts/Introvert

Your answers suggest you are a Nurturer
The four aspects that make up this personality type are:
Summary of Nurturers
Care for the important people in their lives
Strive for harmony and avoid confrontation
Think of themselves as gentle, conscientious, and mature
May have trouble making decisions that could hurt others
More about Nurturers
Nurturers are quiet people who believe in order and diligently look after the people they care about. They focus on the needs of others and establish routines to help them meet their commitments.
Nurturers are the most likely group to say they prefer a job where the same thing happens every day, according to a UK survey.
Nurturers remember details that are important to them, such as their friends' birthdays and anniversaries. People with this personality type value others' feelings and may challenge behaviour they think is insensitive.
In situations where they can't use their talents or are unappreciated, Nurt…

Word Clouds

My Word Cloud above:

Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. The images you create with Wordle are yours to use however you like. You can print them out, or save them to the Wordle gallery to share with your friends.Make your own Word Cloud - Click here:

I adopted the word - Vacivity.
Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Save the Words!
Each year hundreds of words are dropped from the English dictionary.
Old words, wise words, hard-working words. Words that once lead meaningful lives but now lie abandoned and forgotten.
You can do your part. Help save the words!
If not for yourself, then for generations to come.
Help spread the word!
Save the Words!

when you say nothing at all- Ronan Keating

Like this.

New Artist on the Block

My daughter has started posting some of her art work on:

She is in her last year at college - uni in September!

A Taste of Scotland

If you like Scotland, try out this refreshing blog by Deacon Peter Simpson:

Mozart Requiem Mass in D Minor VI - Confutatis and Lacrimosa

For Uncle Son, RIP, sadly missed.

Everyone Against Abortion Please Raise Your Hand

What I am Reading.

I am reading "Sister Stan, Seasons of the Day - A Book of Hours". A book to help build daily moments of stillness and silence - very good for Lent. Sister Stanislaus Kennedy is an Irish Sister of Charity and the founder of Focus Ireland. She has worked on a number of social programmes in Ireland and Europe. She is the author of many books including "Now is the Time" and "Gardening the Soul".

Do you like books?

Book lovers - Emma is having a mega book sale - try the link here: