Blog Bashing

I think too many Catholics spend too much time 'blog bashing'. By this I mean valuable time spent bashing other people - either Christians or even other Catholics who do not agree with their views or the views of the Church - misguided as some of them may be. And not enough time building up the people of God and others who might be interested in the Catholic faith and its truths and history. It seems their blogs are just a place to vent off some steam. There is enough negativity in the world and the media without us adding to it. Let's have some more positive Blogs - by all means promote a culture of life and stand up for what we believe in but we can do it without tearing other people down at the same time. We are called to uplift and uphold the faith and also to support our leaders and not resort to playground bullying tactics. Hopefully we are more mature and more intellectual than that!


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