Family in 11th-hour legal battle to halt brothers' adoption by gay couple
By Sue ReidLast updated at 10:56 PM on 03rd April 2009 in

Two young brothers face adoption by a gay couple despite the desperate protests of their mother, grandparents and extended family.
The grandparents, an aunt and an uncle have all offered to give the boys, aged six and nine, a loving home but they say social workers have turned them down without explanation.

If these were children in Africa being adopted against the will of their families there would be an uproar - so what is being done for 'the best interests of the children'. i can't imagine how they feel being taken from loving family/relatives. My grandson would be heart broken if he was removed from his grandparents and loving aunts if he could no longer live with his own parents. What about stability and love for the children involved in this. They are just pawns in a bigger game.


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