I was wondering what the protesters were protesting about at the G20 summit. When I think of anarchy - I think of Punk Rock, Sid Vicious, Johnny Rotten or Vivien Westwood Fellow blogger has an interesting piece on it: Michael O'Brien the Canadian novelist - an example of whose artwork is shown here - has written about "Globalization and the New World Order" - a theme that should be familiar to any readers of his devastating yet beautiful novels Father Elijah and Eclipse of the Sun. In light of the G20 meeting in London, headed by Obama and Brown he says:
"The history of oppressive governments is the history of politicians attempting to save the world on their own terms, cut off from the guiding principles of moral absolutes. ….If we seek to understand our times with any proximate coherence, we should understand this: Every system of totalitarian rule, including and between the poles of brutal tyranny and soft-spoken control, have this in common: 1) the rejection of binding moral absolutes established by a transcendent Being; and thus: 2) the minimizing of the absolute value of human life, and 3) the elevation of the State (malignant and seemingly benign alike) as the final arbiter of good and evil." Catch him here: http://witnesstolove.blogspot.com/

There is a lot of talk about the 'new world order' both in and out of Christian Circles but I am not sure the protests are achieving anything and they seem to be different reasons for protesting from financial concerns to climate change. I guess the man died at the recent protests because the peaceful climate changers were taken over by the anarchists.
"Witness to Love" also writes on home schooling - something which I have been involved with in the past.

And Auntie Joanna write this amusing piece about the protests:

There was much on the radio...
...this morning about the possibility of riots in London, because of the G-thingummy Summit. People in the City were apparently all being warned to Arrive In Casual Dress so as to Look Like A Protester and Not a Rich Banker. So Jamie left for work in his idea of Casual Dress... I am not sure the tweed jacket and barbour were quite what was meant, but since he's neither rich nor a banker I suppose it doesn't matter... Actually, since the protests were supposed to include a farmer's market and camping and outdoor barbeques, it all sounds rather country-tweed-ish anyway.
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