The Report: Inside the suicide room

A clip from the report is shown on:
"Switzerland has become well known as a destination for those who want help to end their lives. It is thought more than 100 Britons, mostly terminally ill, have died at Dignitas. For BBC Radio 4's The Report, Simon Cox went to Switzerland to investigate the reality of the choice those Britons have made. He also spoke to Exit, Switzerland's oldest right-to-die society, which does not offer its services to foreigners. Most people it helps to die do so in their own home. However the society does have a room in its Zurich headquarters where some members have ended their lives. "Suicide assistant" Giancarlo Zuco showed Simon Cox the room.
The Report broadcasts on BBC Radio 4 on Thursday 2 April at 2000 BST. You can also listen via the BBC iPlayer or download the podcast . "

I think it is very sad that people should choose to end their lives this way in one of these lonely bare rooms compared with the strength and bravery of others who have recently been in the media with terminal illness like Jade Goody and Wendy Richard and many others in similar situations. We lost a relative to cancer recently and my own father died of cancer five years ago now but that is not the end we would have chosen for them in one of these clinics. Every last moment with their families is precious.


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