Sexualisation of our children

Fellow blogger - Posted by Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ at 12:37 4 comments

Child abuse? Archbishop Vincent Nichols & Ms Oonagh Stannard CES wish to tell my little one the names of her sex organs! Also they wish to tell the little ones half her age ie 4 years old. Sick!

Jackie is concerned, rightly so, at the sexualisation of our children at a younger and younger age. It seems this goes hand in hand with the spread over the years of what would once have been deemed 'pornographic' in nature to becoming part of the normal media scene in newspapers and on television or in films, a softening of our consciences towards natural moral tones. As sexuality has become more 'open' and seen, especially in advertising, as normal as getting a paper or having cornflakes for breakfast, so have the values been undermined in our society and in our schools. Once teaching under age pupils about sexuality would have been called 'preening' and yet the government cannot seem to connect the obvious - teaching younger and younger children about sex with younger and younger children becoming 'sexualised' and having sex, more STD viruses and pregnancies and what I would call the 'lolita effect'. It seems a shame when they want to take away the innocence of a four year old - boy or girl - when all they should be interested in is learning history or science or collecting frog spawn.


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