Stem Cells

A stem cell technique that can enlarge breasts while reducing the waistline is to be made available to British women. The treatment involves taking stem cells from excess fat on the stomach or thigh - so reports the Daily Mail this week, see also on line at I just think this is a sad state of today's woman if this is all she has to worry about! Why can't women just be satisfied with the way God made them and get on with more important issues. This was a technique designed for women with breast cancer originally and like plastic surgery which was originally for disfigured war victims it is a practice spilling over from people in real need to those who are just vain about their looks. I am sure it won't be long though before we are reading of healthy women who have had the procedure and it has gone 'horribly wrong'. The cost is said to be around £6,500.00. If they have this much money to spare why don't they spend it on something with more value like a cancer ward for children or providing better maternity care in countries in need of better facilities and more staff.


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