Sacha Baron Cohen is being sued by a woman ...

The Daily Mail reports that Sacha Baron Cohen is being sued - I would think it is about time and that he should be sued for all the abusive and loathsome tricks he plays on people. It is about time this man was locked up. It is what comes of blurring reality tv with nonsense. Reality tv in itself is pretty low down on the 'watchable' scale but this man takes it a step too far.

The Daily Mail reports in regards to the offence that the lady in question says that: "Cohen, NBC Universal and others - claimed they told her Bruno was a celebrity and would appear to call numbers at the charity bingo game she ran for the elderly in Palmdale, California. Instead the comedian arrived outlandishly dressed, in what Olson described as an: 'extreme, outrageous, offensive caricature of a gay man dressed in sexually revealing clothing with an Austrian accent.'
She claims Bruno used 'vulgar and offensive language' during the bingo session and when she tried taking back the microphone a 'physical struggle ensued' during which Cohen 'offensively touched, pushed and battered' her, causing her to fall to the ground." Offence seems to be the main object of Sacha's work.


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