Half-brain girl sees all in one eye

It shows how amazing the human body is and how much we need to protect the right to life of babies. The news reports: Scientists claim they have discovered how a girl born with half a brain has both fields of vision in one eye. The 10-year-old, who is from Germany, is able to see with the power of both the left and right eye in a single eye despite the failure of the right hemisphere of her brain to develop in the womb.
Scientists at Glasgow University now believe that the girl's brain rewired itself during its development in the only known case of its kind in the world.
In other cases where patients have half of the brain removed - for example to treat severe epilepsy - one field of vision is lost in both eyes.
This would leave them only able to see objects on the left or right side of their vision. In the case of the German girl, her left and right field vision is almost perfect in one eye.
Scans on the girl showed that retinal nerve fibres which should have gone to the right hemisphere of the brain diverted to the left. This news item can be found on most UK news sites.


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