Atheists are a dying breed

Data is rare in this area, but what they do have suggests that atheists are a dying breed. Austria is the only country which records the religious belief of parents but their figure, of 0.85 children per atheist woman, is far below replacement rate (2.1) and below even the most barren European country’s average rate, which is about 1.2. And since most people inherit their parents’ political and religious world views, this is bad news for Team Dawkins. says: This is very bad news for atheist pin-up boy, Mr. Dawkins, as he and his chums have just spent a fortune on tee shirts claiming atheists ‘never dun nuffin’ wrong’, unlike people of faith who cause wars and other nasty things. Hard to believe this Oxford don hasn’t heard of the atheistic murderers: Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, et alia!! Still, one wonders whether the tiresome bighead might evolve… into a Christian, perhaps, in order to survive? At least with so many spare tee shirts, he’ll have plenty of dusters.


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