Sexualising our children

The schools and government are concerned about the craze for runner bands which can be exchanged in the school playground - for 'favours' by the girls. They are obviously concerned about sexualising of our children - what about the education system itself which has been sexualising our children at younger and younger ages. They should look on their own doorsteps first at some of the policies that they ahve out in place.

Culture Watch says: Governments Sexualising Our Children
We can understand the sex industry and porn lobby attempting to target our kids and push their sleazy agenda on them. But when the government gets into this business, using our tax dollars to do so, then we must be especially concerned.
Primary school kids are being targeted by a website developed by La Trobe University. The site,, uses cartoons to tell 10 to 12-year-olds about how they can get “interested in sex”. It also informs them what a relief it can be if a woman has an abortion.
Indeed, this is part of the advice given to our children about “not making babies”: abortion “can also be a relief. If a woman has a termination she can still have a baby at another time.” How about some truth telling here guys? Why not inform these kids that abortion increases the risk of sterility? Chances are good there will not be a next time. But why let facts stand in the way of propaganda?

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