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Hermits of our times

Coma Man Conscious after 23 years

A man injured in a car crash lay paralysed in a hospital bed for 23 years diagnosed as being in a coma, but was conscious of his ordeal the whole time.
Rom Houben was paralysed as a result of his accident and had no way of alerting doctors that he was aware of his surroundings and able to hear every word they were saying.
Doctors in Zolder in Belgium carried out a number of tests on Houben, and decided that his consciousness was 'extinct' and he was in a persistent vegetative state.
On every occasion, he was diagnosed incorrectly and Mr Houben was left to suffer in silence for over two decades.
Now 46, Houben said 'I dreamed myself away,' adding that 'I screamed, but there was nothing to hear'.
'I became a witness to my own suffering as doctors and nurses tried to speak with me until they gave up all hope.'
The arrival of new high-tech scanners found that Houben's brain was functioning normally, and therapy has since allowed him to tap out messages …

Robbie Williams I Dreamin of A White Christmas

What Child Is This? - Christmas - Jesus Christ

Christmas is coming.

Eduardo's Story of Life

Called to the Holy Mountain


High on their holy cliffs, monks are defiant, zealous, prayerful. Meanwhile, the outside world creeps closer.Check out some excellent photos at the site above.

Kirsty MacColl - belle of Belfast city

Coldplay - 'Fix you' music video

Screwtape Letters: Behind the Scenes

Andy was the voice of Gollum


christian the lion

Close Encounters

Asteroid passes just 8,700miles from Earth - with only 15 hours warning
By Claire Bates
Last updated at 10:01 AM on 11th November 2009
Comments (128) Add to My Stories Although no one noticed at the time, the Earth was almost hit by an asteroid last Friday.
The previously undiscovered asteroid came within 8,700miles of Earth but astronomers noticed it only 15 hours before it made its closest approach.

Its orbit brought it 30 times nearer than the Moon, which is 250,000 miles away

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Living in a secular world reports:

"The Vatican expressed "astonishment" and "regret" at Tuesday's decision from the European Court of Human Rights that crucifixes in public school classrooms are a violation of freedom.

Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi, director of the Vatican press office, gave a brief statement today to Vatican Radio in response to the decision."

The crucifix has always been a sign of God's offer of love, of union and of
welcome for the whole of humanity," the spokesman said. "It is to be regretted
that it has come to be considered as a sign of division, of exclusion and of
limitation of liberty. It is not this, and it is not so in the common feeling of
our people.""

Word for Today

"If our fundamental relationship with God is not living, if it is not lived,
then none of our other relationships can take their correct form. [...] If we do
without God, if God is absent, we lack the compass [...] to show us the path,
the direction we must follow."
Benedict XVI

We are His Masterpiece


Show me your ways by Hillsong

Vatican searches for ET

"As an astronomer I continue to believe that God is the creator of the universe," Funes told the Vatican mouthpiece, the Osservatore Romano.

The possibility raises a difficult theological question concerning redemption from the original sin, which by Christian tradition occurred in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit of a particular tree.

Funes told the Osservatore Romano: "If other intelligent beings exist, it's not certain that they need redemption."
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Natasha Bedingfield - Soulmate

Arms of An Angel