To: Supporter of the Pope
We, the undersigned, welcome, with all our hearts and souls, the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the United Kingdom, for the liberty and well-being of the church in our country and most especially for the spiritual benefits and pastoral care to be offered to all, whatever their beliefs.



At time of writing 1,000 have signed. Add your name to theirs.

The National Secular Society has launched a petition "Make the Pope Pay. Say NO to a State-Funded Visit to the UK" They have almost 15,000 signatures at time of writing.


Anonymous said…
What are these people afraid of? There are so many more people deserving of petitions against entry in this country that use immigrant laws to cause havoc in our country. But then cowards always choose their victims very carefully. If they are tuned in....You should be ashamed of yourselves, makes people wonder what you are up to!!
Anonymous said…
The Pope should not have to fund his visit to England, these people are pathetic. The money clawed back from help yourself ministers and the money used to bail out the bankers putting our country in recession and still getting billions from government, I guess England does not have a money crisis after all. As a pensioner, still working, still paying taxes, I have not a problem my tax going towards the Popes visit to our (friendly) isle.It would be VERY interesting to know who these pathetic protesters are. then maybe we can make sense of it.

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