Post Abortion: Woman saves Baby from Abortion


Thanx for posting this video. Coincidentally, I've posted a song on my Blog authored by a priest which saved babies from abortion.

God bless.
JoannaB said…
Hi thanks for your comment. I have added you to my Blog list so I can visit your Blog more often. I am curious though - why do you describe yourself as a Christian and not a Catholic? Are you C of E?
Hi JoannaB.

Good question. I never gave it much thought as I've always described myself as a Christian. I am a Catholic (as my Blog and website can tell) yet I've never gone much for labels and denominations. My books though are definitely Catholic based because, when writing about Christianity, Catholicism is what I knew most about. One of the books is free in E Format if you're interested.

Hope to see you visiting my Blog soon.

God bless.
JoannaB said…
Hi, I was interested because I was a born again Christian before I became a Catholic but now I identify myself more with being a Catholic I suppose.
Hi again JoannaB,

I was always a Catholic and I suppose I never gave it much thought. Anyway, I doubt that St Peter at the Pearly Gates will check our passports to see what denominations we are when he lets us in.

No doubt there are some Catholics up there. But I suspect they're all kept together in one room to make them believe they're the only ones there!

God bless.
JoannaB said…
Interesting thought though - who will be in heaven?

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