New Anti-Abortion site

Warning this site contains graphic images:

Abort67 is the name given to the public education project that seeks to change the way we think about abortion.

We believe that every woman has the right to accurate, unbiased information about all of her pregnancy choices, including abortion.

These are the words of a young woman in the UK who had an abortion when she was 24. This is not an unusual case, yet the abortion providers are withholding telling these women the damaging facts of abortion.

"I was in my early twenty`s when i discovered i was pregnant. I wasn`t in a stable relationship and i felt very alone and scared. Till this day i regret what i did."

I would also like to quote fellow Blogger "Apostolate of the Laity" here: The procedure may be legally available and it may be performed quickly, cleanly, and skillfully, but the hard fact that some abortion supporters have trouble seeing is this: In many ways, abortion will always be in the back alley of public life. For many post-abortive women, it remains in the back alley of their minds: It’s not a place they’re proud of, not a place they’d like to linger, not a memory they’d like to revisit. And who can blame them? Read more on 'You Can't Take the Back Alley out of Abortion" - here :


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