Ann Widdecombe as you've never seen her

The Daily Mail reports:

Ann, the daughter of a senior civil servant at the Admiralty, attended a convent before reading Latin at Birmingham University and then Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford. She entered Parliament in 1987 and has never married.

Reports have revealed that the former Conservative Minister has found an unlikely friend and would be fan on the show - actress Patsy Kensit.

The incongruous pair are said to have bonded over their shared Catholicism, and are said to pray together before the start of each show.

Ms Widdecombe may well be saying her prayers before this Saturday's 'flying' stunt.

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Tomorrow night the 63-year-old and her partner Anton du Beke will become the first Strictly Come Dancing couple to ‘fly’.

Strapped into a harness, Miss Widdecombe will perform her Peter Pan impersonation, as part of the couple’s tango.

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