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I have been enjoying watching Ann Widdecombe on Strictly and I was saddended to hear that her brother died. She did some excellent footwork on last night's show! The Mail reports:

Behind the jaunty flourishes of her stately-as-a-galleon performances on Strictly Come Dancing, Ann Widdecombe has been nursing a secret heartache - her beloved only brother, a retired ­Anglican priest, has been dying of cancer.

Last night, the former Tory ­minister was in mourning after her worst fears materialised.

Ann learned of her brother’s death while training with Anton Du Beke on Tuesday. Canon ­Malcolm Widdecombe passed away at his home in ­Bristol just two days after his sister had visited him.

But any fears from the producers of the show that Ann would pull out have been allayed. She is ­staying on, say friends - not least because Malcolm would have wanted her to.

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I was also pleased to hear that Patsy Kensit, a favourite of mine from Holby City - and I also enjoyed her life story on "who do you think you are" - was sharing prayers with Ann. :) The Mail says:

Conservative Minister Ann Widdecombe and actress Patsy Kensit have developed an unlikely friendship on the set of Strictly Come Dancing.

The incongruous pair are said to have bonded over their shared Catholicism – so much so, they pray together before the start of each show to St Jude, the patron saint of lost causes.

Ann, 63, converted to Catholicism in protest at the ordination of female Anglican priests while Patsy’s mother, Margie, was a devout Catholic. After Margie’s death of breast cancer in 1994, Patsy, 42, often took her ashes to bed with her.

The women are said to have hit it off immediately – to the surprise of the crew and other contestants.

‘They got on really well from the off,’ a crew member told The Mail on Sunday. ‘Patsy really liked the way Ann was no-nonsense. When they first met, Ann told Patsy that she was coming out of her dress a bit and said she had told the producers she wasn’t wearing anything revealing. Patsy didn’t have the heart to say she was in her own clothes.’

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