Brother Alois

Brother Alois, (born June 11, 1954 ) is the Prior of the Taize Community who succeeded Brother Roger after the latter's death on August 16, 2005.


Brother Alois was born in 1954. Unlike his predecessor, Brother Roger, Brother Alois is a Catholic. As a teenager he was an altar-boy and a youth leader in St. Nikolaus parish in eastern Stuttgart. Later he studied Theology though he never became a priest. When he first visited Taize, it impressed him deeply. He soon became a so-called permanent (a lay person living in Taizé for an extended period), then, in 1974, a member of the community.

Brother Alois was chosen by Brother Roger as his successor in 1998. He became the prior of the community after the death of Brother Roger in 2005. In recent years, Brother Alois has represented the community in numerous public events and has given a large number of interviews. He is known for his musical talent and has written many of the newer Taizé songs which are sung throughout the world today.

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Daily Bible Reading
Fri, 15 October
The Lord said of his people: They have forsaken me, the fount of living water, and have dug themselves cracked cisterns that will not hold water.
Jeremiah 2:1-13

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