Amazing Priest

There was an interesting article in the news recently, but which may have got missed by most people, was that of Catholic priest Father Bolmax Periera who had life saving heart surgery while he was awake!

MEDICS performed open-heart surgery on a patient who was AWAKE throughout the life-saving op.

Catholic priest Bolmax Periera had an epidural injection in the spine so he could not feel anything below his neck.

But he sensed surgeons pushing and pulling inside his chest cavity and heard them talking in hushed tones about the operation's progress.

He was also able to speak to the anaesthetist as he had a defective heart valve replaced.

Doctors hope that wide-awake heart surgery will reduce the risk in complex operations.

By talking to the patient, they will be able to get an early warning of any problems that could cause a stroke or other complications.

A sheet shielded Fr Periera from seeing the gore of his operation in Bangalore, India.

But he said later: "I heard them say, 'This is the heart,' so I knew my chest was wide open."


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