Please Read - Our mission

Please Read - Our mission to spread Manny Bluntz's music whilst he is in coma

In May 2010 - Manny Bluntz was admitted to hospital with a rare autoimmune limbic encephalitis. It is so rare, he is the first man on record to have had suffered from it. It has no name but caused him to become devastatingly ill.

After being admitted to hospital with severe confusion, he went on to suffer a cardiac arrest which was caused after muscle spasms in his throat caused him to suffocate – it last six minutes. He spent the next three months in intensive care as he was suffering constant seizures and needed to be kept in a medically induced coma. After experimental brain surgery to save him – the seizures stopped. Manny was waking up. Unfortunately, whilst he was waking up from his coma, he suffered another cardiac arrest – this one lasting eight minutes. Since this last cardiac arrest, Manny has been in a ‘minimally conscious state’ – a near coma. His family have stuck by his side every day and Manny is incredibly tough and has been fighting hard to stay alive. Most people wouldn’t survive one cardiac arrest – Manny survived two. Most people wouldn’t survive one week having constant seizures – Manny has survived ten weeks. Manny is fighting off infections and malnutrition daily and with the help of God, he is still here. We will fight with him.

His family believe his is waking up, just very slowly.

The day after Manny’s first cardiac arrest in May 2010, his daughter and first child was born. He has yet to meet his beautiful daughter.

Prior to his illness, Manny loved music and loved making music. We, his family, want to make his dreams come true and spread his music around the world.

How amazing it would be for Manny to wake up and find that his music has spread worldwide. Please help us in our mission.

Thank you.

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