Fury over same-sex unions in church

Personally if they are expecting us to respect their lifestyle choices then they should respect Christian/Catholic views and other religions too - Sikh, Buddhism, Bahai etc.

This excert is from the Daily Mail:
Controversial plans to allow same-sex couples to "marry" in church face furious opposition from leading Christian groups.

Government proposals to lift the ban on civil partnership ceremonies being held in places of worship will bring it into conflict with thousands of evangelical churches, the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church, religious groups said.

"Christians will need a great deal of reassurance that the Government is not about to do something that will make their situation even worse," they added.

"Parliament was persuaded to pass that Bill, in part, because it was made clear that civil partnership was a civil rather than a religious institution and would not take place in religious premises."

Read more here: http://uk.news.yahoo.com/4/20110217/tuk-fury-over-same-sex-unions-in-church-dba1618.html


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