Of Gods and Men UK Trailer - In Cinemas December 3rd


JoannaB said…
In May 1996, seven Cistercian monks from the Monastery of Tibhirine in Algeria were found dead, after having been kidnapped two months earlier. They were caught up in a bloody conflict between the Algerian government and the Armed Islamic Group, an extremist movement reflecting widespread discontent with a regime regarded as corrupt and illegitmate.

The Cistercians saw the storm clouds gathering but opted to remain and face death, in solidarity with the people they had served and loved for so long.

A 2010 French film, Des hommes et des dieux, “Of Men and Gods,” tells the story of the Tibhirine monks. It won the Grand Prix award at the Cannes Film Festival (from a jury led by American director Tim Burton) and has become a huge critical and commercial success in France. It’s also been named by France as its candidate in the “Best Foreign Language Film” category in the Academy Awards.

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