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Fr. Tom Morrow - How To find God's Will In Your Life


May 19 - Homily - Fr Dominic: Doing Gods Will


Meditation and Yoga Can Lead to Demonic Possession


The Way Trailer - In Cinemas 13th May


The Way Back Trailer - The Way Back Movie Trailer


The Way Back

Another new film out on DVD is The Way Back. With a night time blizzard as cover, seven prisoners, caught up in Stalin’s Reign of Terror, escape a Soviet Gulag in 1940. They are now free men and almost certainly dead men, for their impending trek to safety defies any reasonable chance of success, and the landscape they must cross is unforgiving. It’s an epic, heartfelt story of survival, a stirring triumph-of-the-spirit drama that you’ll not soon forget. Based on a true story.

Camino de Santiago

Have you ever thought about travelling the Camino de Santiago. The Camino de Santiago de Compostela, also known in English as The Way of St James, is a collection of old pilgrimage routes which cover all Europe. There is a new film out called The Way starring Martin Sheen and his son Emilio Estevez. The film is about the journey Martin Sheen, playing a doctor, makes after his son dies and is about life and love. If you would like to know more about the film click here:
or about pilgrimaging 'The Way of St James@ click here:

Divine Mercy

(St Faustina's Diary, 1789-1790) "Today I saw the glory of God which flows from the image. Many souls are receiving graces, although they do not speak of it openly. Even though it has met up with all sorts of vicissitudes, God is receiving glory because of it; and the efforts of Satan and of evil men are shattered and come to naught. In spite of Satan's anger, The Divine Mercy will triumph over the whole world and will be worshiped by all souls."

Excerpt from the Diary of Saint Faustina Kowalska
Diary 1075 Souls who spread the honor of My mercy I shield through their entire lives as a tender mother her infant, and at the hour of death I will not be a Judge for them, but the Merciful Savior. At that last hour, a soul has nothing with which to defend itself except My mercy. Happy is the soul that during its lifetime immersed itself in the Fountain of Mercy, because justice will have no hold on it.

China's Abuse: Forced Abortion and Forced Labor


Uganda Child Sacrifice 1 of 2 - BBC Our World Documentary


Child Sacrifice: Epidemic in Uganda


Parents kill child as sacrifice to Goddess


Mozart - Regina Coeli, KV 276


News from Pope Benedict

Pope Benedict: proclaiming Jesus Christ is the task of the Church

Proclaiming Jesus Christ as “the way, the truth and the life” is the main task of the Church, Pope Benedict said in his Sunday Regina Coeli remarks.

“The New Testament put an end to invisibility of the Father. God showed his face, as confirmed by the response of Jesus to the Apostle Philip, ‘Whoever has seen me has seen the Father’,” the Pope told the faithful in St. Peter’s Square on May 22.

For Christians, he explained, “the way to the Father is to be guided by Jesus, by his word of truth, and in accepting the gift of his life.”

Pope Benedict suggested the way of Jesus Christ is to be found in “following him every day, in simple actions that make up our day.”

He then quoted his own words from the second volume of his book Jesus of Nazareth:

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Chant of the Templars - Salve Regina


Rutter - Requiem - 1 - Requiem aeternam - The Cambridge Singers


Silent No More | Television Ad |


CatholicTV - America's Catholic Television Network

Pro-life Jane Russell, RIP

The Time is Now!


Check out the new Blog

I am pleased to be writing a post on the new Blog for women bloggers. Fellow bloggers have been a great source of comfort, inspiration and teachings on my Catholic journey. It’s encouraging to see so many Catholics sharing their faith on Blogs and social network sites like Facebook. The Pope is encouraging the use of social media to spread the gospel. There is certainly a lot of coverage of matters specific to the Catholic faith and the pro-life movement and a lot of opportunity to make change for the good through such formats as on line petitions in order to make real changes in the world. There is time for us to encourage one another in the faith and share a little humour and discuss matters close to our hearts. It was interesting that the Pope made sure that the Beatification of Pope John Paul II was streamed live on line and met with fellow Bloggers from all nations the day after on 2nd May! I look forward to reading my fellow…

Sleepsong by Secret Garden - In The Womb


They Hanged Her for Teaching Love

Pro LIfe Vigil

Pro-life vigil in honour of Our Lady
28th May 2011

Consecration and reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary & prayers for an end to abortion, in May the month especially dedicated to Our Lady & to honour the work of Blessed Pope John Paul II in building a culture of Life!

Prayer vigil outside BPAS abortion clinic 26-27 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3HP
Start 8.30am. Ends 1pm.
Full police cooperation.
You may join for all or part of the vigil.

Contact: Daniel Blackman (40 days for Life)

Calvinists Convert to Catholicism


Catholic Apologists destroy Sola Scriptura


Rob Bell's version of Hell

I think Rob Bell's new book "Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Has Ever Lived" is typical of what happens when Protestant religions break away from the Catholic Faith because they all interpret the scriptures themselves and all have their own version of what 'Truth' is. Rob Bell, a respected Preacher in his own field, is preaching a type of Universalism where everybody gets to go to heaven and there is no suffering away from God, no demons, no devil. This is a 'false' gospel and follows on very much from the preaching of the 'health, wealth and prosperity' gospel that is common in America especially but also in some churches here. If you are not rooted in the truth of the Catholic faith then you are open to all sorts of interpretations of the Bible and to some fairy tale ending where everyone 'lives happily ever after'. Don't be fooled - there is an eternity - an eternity with heaven or with hel…

Rob Bell - LOVE WINS: Rob Bell shares his 'own' version of Hell


Joyce Meyer's ex-bodyguard kills his wife and children

The bodyguard of high-profile televangelist Joyce Meyer has gone on trial accused of strangling his wife and two young sons so he could marry his mistress.

Prosecutors claim Christopher Coleman, 34, feared he would lose his $100,000-a-year job if he split from his wife.

But his lover, Tara Lintz, revealed to a court in Illinois he had promised he would serve divorce papers on May 5, 2009 - the same day his family were found murdered in their beds.

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I think this story in the Mail reflects the wrong 'spirit' that is in these "positive affirmation" churches - it is a spirit of 'self' and seems to be far remote from the spirit of humility and serving that is in the Catholic Church in the main and their priests. In the Catholic Church we worship Jesus and honour Mary and the Saints and our focus is on holiness ad humility whereas …

Framing Faith

As a Catholic and mother of an artist student with a speciality in photography, I looked forward to reading “Framing Faith” a book by author Sarah Piccini and photographer Ivana Pavelka. I was not disappointed. It tells the story of ten churches and the migrants and their communities that fame the history of the churches in. It is an absorbing and well written book which will not be out of place on any bookshelf for personal reading and reference or even your Catholic Book Club! There is such a rich history and architecture that you cannot help to become involved in the personal histories attached to the churches and an opportunity to look at the architecture in a fresh light. The book is also interspersed with quotes from scripture and makes an enjoyable read.
Framing Faith Synopsis:
Framing Faith tells the story of the faith of immigrants and their descendants, spotlighting ten Catholic churches in the Diocese of Scranton that were closed due to restructuring. . They are Polish,…