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I am pleased to be writing a post on the new Blog for women bloggers. Fellow bloggers have been a great source of comfort, inspiration and teachings on my Catholic journey. It’s encouraging to see so many Catholics sharing their faith on Blogs and social network sites like Facebook. The Pope is encouraging the use of social media to spread the gospel. There is certainly a lot of coverage of matters specific to the Catholic faith and the pro-life movement and a lot of opportunity to make change for the good through such formats as on line petitions in order to make real changes in the world. There is time for us to encourage one another in the faith and share a little humour and discuss matters close to our hearts. It was interesting that the Pope made sure that the Beatification of Pope John Paul II was streamed live on line and met with fellow Bloggers from all nations the day after on 2nd May! I look forward to reading my fellow female blogger posts. So get Blogging!

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